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The Funpackers are an innovative force of nature comedy team who currently run South-West London's top anarchic variety show at The Cabbage Patch, Twickenham. The monthly shows bring audiences the very best established stand-ups and the most exciting new acts on the circuit.

Presenting a combination of stand-up, sketch, improv and music, The Funpackers bring an anarchic, unpredictable and often very silly energy to the stage to ensure the optimum amount of fun is packed into every performance. 


As well as performing live The Funpackers have a podcast 'Not Exclusively...' which can be found in all the usual places. Although currently on hiatus it will be back in a revised form very soon.

For more information or just to say hello please contact

"I just don't understand what it is you're trying to do"

Stiles Hightower

Comedy Agent

"What do you want me to say? It was fine"

Anthony's Sister

"Stop calling me"

Kirk's Ex-girlfriend

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