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Doesn't Time Fly?

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Ok, so it appears to have been a while since we added any new content to this website and we are very sorry about that. However, we want to put that right starting!

It would take far too long to catch you up on everything we have done since my last post but to sum up, the shows at The Cabbage Patch are continuing to grow a really lovely, loyal audience and we hope to kick it up another gear over the next twelve months. The biggest development is the fact that from now on we will be bringing you some of the very best established acts on the circuit as well as the most exciting new talents as we have been previously. For example, the next few shows will see us host Dave's Edinburgh Comedy Award 2019 nominee, Jessica Fostekew, Tony Law, Phil Ellis and many more that we're going to keep as a surprise for now.

This brings us to our next show on Friday 13th September which is going to be sensational and not to be missed. To compliment our three brilliant newer acts, Stella Graham, Loz Vieux & Shane Malone, we have the hilarious Sy Thomas and our incredible headliner Patrick Monahan. Patrick has just completed a sell out run at the Edinburgh Fringe where he played to 2000 people a night so the opportunity to see him at our, shall we say, more intimate venue is one that I'm sure no-one reading this will want to miss. The entry price isn't too bad either! Please see our Home Page for ticket information.

As I said, the website has been updated so I want to take this opportunity to draw your attention to a brand new page - Funpacked Parties. All the information is on that page but essentially we are now offering bespoke comedy shows for children's birthday parties (ages 7-12). Having recently survived our first one we are really excited about moving forward with this venture.

Finally, we have some internal Funpackers news to share. To quote Kermit the Frog as Bob Cratchit in The Muppet Christmas Carol, "Life is made up of meetings and partings....I am sure we will never forget...this first parting that there was among us". Yes, to misquote The Spice Girls, four becomes three. Our good friend Jamie Lewis (designer and builder of this website) has decided to take a step back from working with Anthony, Kirk & Myself so I want to take this opportunity, from all of us, to thank him for all his hard work during the first year of The Funpackers. Whether it was producing our podcast, taking care of the technical requirements at the live shows and even being an onstage stooge, Jamie was a massive part of getting us to this point and as such will always be our Stuart Sutcliffe/Pete Best/actor that played Face in The A Team pilot before Dirk Benedict took over for the series proper. Seriously, thanks for everything mate. You'll always be welcome at the shows (and we might even only charge you the concessions price!). Take care the way, I'm sorry if the start of the paragraph suggested you were dead, I was just building drama!

Ok, that's probably enough for now. We will work to ensure that no information on this site is out of date or incorrect but nonetheless, the best way to ensure you are getting our most up to date information is to sign up to our social media accounts and keep a regular eye on those.

Until next time, hope to see some of you in September.


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